Breaking your addiction to free SEO and social traffic

File:DVP Congestion.pngYou probably run a website just like me. You also probably see your website as a critical component to get your business to take off.

The only thing you need is more traffic. More free traffic.  If you just could get a million visitors to your site every month and convert only 1% of that traffic to paying customers, you could retire.

It’s been done before.  Some obscure website comes out of nowhere to get ranked #1 for some hot keyword by Google or gets retweeted by some celebrity with millions of followers…and boom. A millionaire is born. That free SEO or social traffic changed everything.

So everything you do centers around getting free traffic using SEO and social media . Optimizing your website for the right keywords, creating viral content for YouTube and Facebook, building your followers, commenting on blogs, submitting press releases, etc., etc., etc…

All it takes is that one breakthrough viral video or blog post, that one breakthrough retweet, that one connection that delivers that winning lottery ticket.

I call it a lottery ticket, because that’s what it amounts to. Building a business that depends on free traffic for success is not only risky, it’s foolish. You shouldn’t do this just like you shouldn’t depend on a lottery ticket to pay your bills.

My advice is to build a business that doesn’t depend on free traffic for success. Since every web business is different, there is no cookie cutter solution that I can tell you about. I can tell you, however, it probably involves learning new skills and/or getting professional help.