Calling for death to the daily blog

File:High Wood cemetery, France.jpgIs the rise of the daily blog hurting the internet? Being that I am both a blogger who publishes daily and an advocate of the practice, I stopped in my tracks when I read a post from Atlanta entrepreneur Mike Schinkel saying as much.

In a blog post he titled The Web Needs You To… STOP BLOGGING! he pleads for several prominent daily bloggers to stop the practice for both their own good and the good of the community, to include Atlanta’s startup guru David Cummings and renowned venture capitalist Fred Wilson. Schinkel also cites four reasons why the practice of blogging daily is bad:

  1. Daily blogs lack depth
  2. With so many people now writing daily blogs, there is way too much noise in the blogosphere
  3. The content in daily blogs lack excellence
  4. Writing a daily blogs takes up time that could be used for better things

It’s hard to argue with any of Schinkel’s points head on, as much of what he states is true. Especially the point he makes about writing daily vs. publishing daily, advocating that daily bloggers should instead write every day on the same post, going more in depth before they hit the publish button.

I can honestly say reading Schinkel’s post has swayed me from advocating so hard for others to start blogging daily, but it won’t stop me doing it myself.  For me, blogging daily is a personal journey rather than some external sound box. It’s the perfect tool for introspection. I would even go as far as calling it medicinal.

So when it comes down to it, when you blog daily for internal fulfillment rather than external validation, most of what Schinkel argues becomes irrelevant.


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