Entrepreneurship as Art

Jerry Pinkney’s Lion and Mouse Art

Today I enjoyed a day at the museum with my family. There I came across a fascinating quote about art:

The act of artistic creation is a bit like looking at oneself in the mirror and leaving the reflection behind.

This quote was pulled from an inscription on the Jerry Pinkney exhibition at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art (a must see showing until 1/5/14).

From my vantage point, entrepreneurship is very close to what this quote describes. The best entrepreneurs pour every bit of themselves into the process of designing a business model and serving customers. It’s often a reflection of the entrepreneur’s personal taste and character.

Marketing genius Seth Godin talks about entrepreneurship as art often. He has a few pithy blog post on the topic you can sample here and here.

Thinking of your business as art will inspire you.  It will allow you to open your mind to a canvas that you have complete creative control over.