The 3 things I did before I quit my job

One of the reasons I quit my job was I hated working in those awful cubicals like this one!

I had no idea I was going to quit my job on that faithful day.  Most normal people would never quit their job on an impulse like I did.

As a result, I did not have a chance to do what most experts tell you to do leading up to the moment you quit your job.  I was forced to think on my feet and make some quick moves to put myself in the best possible position.

Here are the three things I did that morning:

1. Took all of my personal belongings to my car

The first thing I did was slowly start cleaning out my cube, moving all of my personal belonging to my car. I’d heard stories of people being escorted out of the building after quitting.  I wanted to prepare for the worst, so I made sure that everything that I wanted to keep was locked up in my car.

2. Cleaned off my computer

The next thing I did was clear the browsing history on my computer, then clean out my email and all of the files on my computer’s hard drive.  This took me over an hour.  I just sat there and diligently went through every little thing on my computer, every folder, every file and every email, making sure everything was squeaky clean.  You never know how fast they will confiscate your computer after you announce you’re quitting. So it’s best to take your time and make sure you do this right.

3. Called my wife

Finally, right before I walked into my manger’s office to give him the news, I called my wife.  The conversation with her went surprisingly smooth. I had been hinting to her that this day was coming, so she wasn’t shocked at all when I told her that today was the day.

After my wife gave me the gumption to follow through with my intent to quit, I had all the confidence in the world that I was making the right move.

A few minutes later, it was a done deal.