The Best Books To Read Over the Holidays

File:University of Massachusetts at Amherst library interior view of bookshelves.JPGThis post is for people who read a lot.  If you haven’t read at least 100 books over the last 10 years then you can stop reading now.

The best books to read over the holidays are not new books or even books that are only new to you.

Instead, you should read books that you’ve already read.  Books that you already know inspire you.  Books you already know have massive insights. Books you already know motivate you.

During the holidays, there is no reason to take a chance on a book you know nothing about.

The reason why is simple.  Time is a premium during this time of year.  It’s better to optimize it on rereading a quality book that you haven’t read in a few years and refresh that feeling of excitement you had when you first read it.