Reality Check: Expectations get punished not rewarded

File:Hot Dog in Monmouth show.jpg
Rewards and punishments are part of training everything from humans to dogs like this one. This is a picture of dog agility and obedience trials at a show provided courtesy of Keith Moseley via Flickr. No animals were harmed.

When you’re expected to do something, you will never get rewarded for doing it. However, you will get punished if you don’t.

Applying this concept to a job is the perfect example. When you apply for a job, everything in the job description is what you’re expected to do. You’ll never get a raise or bonus for doing what’s in the job description. On the other hand, you can get fired or disciplined if you don’t.

This basic principle is applicable to everything from marriage to entrepreneurship.

If you want to reap the rewards in anything you do, you must first be clear on what is expected from you.  Do that first and don’t expect anything special in return.

After you check the box of meeting expectations, then and only then do you have the opportunity to exceed expectations and earn the chance at receiving a reward. 

The next time you do something that doesn’t receive a special thank you, acknowledgement, or reward when you thought it should have, consider this concept.

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