Everyday You Experience Someone’s Dreams

The Cooking SchoolTonight my wife and I enjoyed a holiday party at a fantastic venue.  It was at an urban farm in College Park, GA owned by one of the instructors at the Cooking School at Irwin Street.

The event was a series of mini-cooking lessons and taste test all while enjoying wine and laughs with friends. Needless to say, my wife and I had a great time.

I am sharing this story as a result of a comment my wife made about the event on the way home. She said that tonight we got to experience someone’s dream.

When she first said it, I had know idea what she was talking about.  As she explained, however, it really touched a chord in me.

She explained that the idea of having an urban farm, a cooking class, and hosting parties for groups like ours was the dream of the owner. Tonight, we were part of that dream.

This got me to thinking… Everyday we experience someone’s dream. From the local pizza shop to the big box retailer to this WordPress blog I am writing on right now. At one point, it had to be someone’s dream before it became a reality.

The guy who owns the local pizza shop dreamed of owning that pizza shop years before he opened it. Sam Walton started off making $75 a month working at J.C. Penny before making the dream of the first true Walmart come to life on July 2, 1962. Matt Mullenweg majored in Political Science before dropping out of college and pursing his dream to become the Internet blogging king as the founder of Automatic, the company behind this WordPress blog.

I’m saying all of this to say that nearly everything in life outside of nature started with a dream in one person’s head. Phones, apps, cars, restaurants, toys, furniture.  Everything!

It’s quite amazing to think of the world in this way. For me, it makes me excited to think of the dreams in my head right now that will one day create an experience for someone else.