What A Bad Day Really Is

File:Titanic-New York Herald front page.jpeg
The people traveling on the Titanic were having a bad day, you’re just having a moment.

We all have bad days. The day usually starts just like any other day. At some point, however, you realize it’s going to be one of those days.

One of those days where nothing gets accomplished on your to do list. One of those days when you overeat and ruin your diet. One of those days when you run into the client from hell. One of those days…

My thought is that a bad day is really not a bad “day” in the sense of the word. It’s more like a bad breakfast, a bad commute, a bad meeting, a bad morning. From there, we then let this turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The moment we claim that we are having a bad day is when the prophecy takes control of us. We give our power away. We lose control of our feeling.

Then, we start attracting bad stuff into our world.

The next time you get ready to fix your mouth to say you are having a bad day, STOP. Stop yourself from giving away control of your feelings to others. Take a deep breath, then let it go.