How Seth Godin Writes His Daily Blog

File:Seth Godin in 2009.jpgOne of the most prolific daily bloggers in the world is Seth Godin. Seth’s philosophy on writing a daily blog is what inspired me to start writing this daily blog 41 days ago on October 31st.

So if you want to learn how to write a daily blog, then learning from the master is the best place to start.

The way Seth Godin writes his daily blog is by setting aside time everyday to write. Not time to write one blog post a day, but time to write one time a day. That means when Seth Godin commences his daily ritual of writing, he could write 1 blog post or 50.

Instead of publishing what he has written for that day, he puts every blog post in a queue for publishing at some future time. Then he goes through all of his queued post and sometimes removes the ones he doesn’t like and replaces them with something he does.

To make it easier for him to write, he always writes using a conversation style instead of using a formal writing style. Since he writes like he talks, it’s second nature for him to write about things he notices.

As a result of writing about things he notices, Seth Godin doesn’t have to do a lot of research or spend any time looking at competitors. This approach saves a massive amount of time.

However, this approach means that Seth Godin is not necessarily writing “for” his audience and therefore many of his blog post are hit or miss. When he finds a hit, he writes more on that topic. He may even turn a hit blog post into a book. When he finds that a topic is a miss, he takes a mental note and moves on.

That’s it. That’s how Seth Godin writes his daily blog. What do you think?

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  1. 41days? Wow keep it up. I am inspired by you and hope to get blogging into my routine too. Question: do you think that every professional should have a blog and why?

    1. Thank you Imani. To answer your question, I don’t think every professional needs a blog. Only professionals who require the attention and trust of their industry peers to reach their professional goals need to blog.

    1. Thanks for the comment Benoit. Knowing how the best do it is half the battle. It’s still hard to keep it up blogging though as you can see from my recent absence :-)!

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