When Should a “Real” Entrepreneur Quit?

File:A man and woman stand in the foreground of a scenic view of the desert.jpgreal entrepreneur will never quit. Quit on a business model, sure. Quit on an idea, maybe. Quit on an industry, possibly. But flat out quit, never!

I’m sharing this after reading a motivational email from an entrepreneur friend. His email shared some very encouraging words about survival as a bootstrapping entrepreneur.  In short, my takeaway from the email was that quitting from the perspective of a real entrepreneur is basically taking a job working in a cubicle for the man

If you are a real entrepreneur, this is not an option.  If you are a real entrepreneur, you would rather walk through the desert than get pimped by the corporate version of Iceberg Slim.

If you are a real entrepreneur, you are essentially unemployable. When shit hits the fan, it’s not a matter of quitting, it’s a matter of survival.

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