Why We Overeat

File:Thanksgiving Dinner (3065145964).jpgFull Disclosure: I overeat and I’m not totally sure why I keep doing it when I know it’s a bad habit.  I shared this yesterday when I made the argument for a case when gaining 5 pounds is a success story.

Luckily I’ve been able to maintain a fairly healthy weight since I became a runner. However, I do realize that this is something that could become a long term problem if I don’t nip in the but while I’m still young.

As a result, I’m writing this post to catalogue the top reasons that could cause someone to overeat.  My thinking is that if we acknowledge the reasons why we overeat, it’s possible to develop a strategy to stop this bad habit.  Please share in the comments if you have something to add to the list.

1. I think the food taste so good and I want more

2. I don’t feel satisfied until I’m stuffed

3. I want to clean my plate

4. I don’t want to waste food

5. I want to taste everything

6. I’m bored

7. I’m stressed

8. I eat too fast

2 Replies to “Why We Overeat”

  1. When you can’t sleep. (Late Night) That’s when eating is truly unnecessary. Still not sure why I eat after midnight some days.

    1. Great insight Rahsean. I sometimes do the same. Especially when sitting around watching a movie late at night. I grab something to munch on and before I know it I’ve eaten way too much. Thanks for sharing!

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