1 Month of Doing a Daily Blog

File:Baldeaglevictoria.jpgI started this daily blog 31 days ago on October 31st.  So far I’ve been able to continuously meet my goal of writing one blog post a day, everyday. My initial goal is to surpass my personal best of 45 blog post in a row.

I am doing this in order to build my blogging muscle.  My first hypothesis is that it’s easier to blog everyday than it is to blog once a week or once a month because of how strong your blogging muscle gets when doing a daily blog.

My other hypothesis is that a daily blog can change your life.

After one month of blogging, I’m confident that my first hypothesis is right. Doing a daily blog is much easier than blogging weekly or monthly. However, the jury is still out on the whole changing your life thing.

One month is clearly not enough time to judge this particular outcome. My thought is that if I continue to show up everyday, I will eventually figure out how to write a handfull of epic post that resonate deeply with people.  This will then lead to me finding my true voice, and in turn help me become a great writer.

At this point I haven’t been able to find that voice, although I do feel I’m getting closer.

Two of the post that people have found particularly inspiring and insightful include the post I wrote about the day I quit my job and the post I wrote about my son’s painful experience starting wrestling season 0-4.

The positive feedback from those two extremely personal stories suggest that people connect more with you when you share real life experiences.

Over the next month, I plan to do more of this.