The Jellybean Life – How We Spend Our Time

Today I watched a viral video titled “The Time You have (In Jellybeans)for the first time.  This video has over 3.4 million YouTube views, so there’s a chance that someone has already shared this with you.

Just in case this is new to you like it was for me today, here’s the skinny.

It’s a 2 minute 45 second video that provides a visual depiction of how we use each day in our life.  It does this with various displays of vibrant jellybean art. A few of the surprising stats revealed by the narrator and displayed with jellybeans are that most people spend:

  • 1635 days eating, drinking and preparing food
  • 3202 days working
  • 1099 days commuting and traveling
  • 2676 days watching television
  • 564 days caring for others

This video is very well done and worth watching.  Please check it out below.  I hope you get as inspired as I did to get more out of each jellybean: