The Point in Life When Things Get Easy

Tonight, my wife made a statement that I found rather thought provoking.  She said in an unusually melancholy voice…”I keep waiting for the point in life when things get easy.”

My immediate response was that I didn’t think we were at the point in our lives where we wanted easy. She wasn’t in the mood to entertain my response and left the room before I had a chance to expound.

What I was trying to say, however, is that if someone wants an easy life they could have it by simply accepting their current circumstances as is.  They could just be satisfied with life as they know it.  They could avoid change at all cost, and live life without ever rocking the boat.

You see, my wife and I are entrepreneurs and just like 99.9% of all entrepreneurs, we’re the total opposite of this.

Entrepreneurs think life as we know it isn’t all it can be. Entrepreneurs are ambitious. Entrepreneurs crave change. Entrepreneurs yearn to rock the boat.

Entrepreneurs just don’t do easy. 

Easy may sound good.  It may even smell and taste good too, but easy sure doesn’t feel good to me.

I don’t know if I’m looking forward to the point in life when things get easy.  That may mean I’m almost dead.  What do you think?

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