Why I Now Only Watch the 4th Quarter

The 4th quarter is all that matters in football.  From my perspective, the other 3 quarters of football just don’t mean anything. There are three reasons for this:

  1. Above all else, I just don’t have time anymore to waste my entire Sunday watching a bunch of people I don’t know live their dream
  2. If I wait until the 4th quarter, I can decide if the game is worth watching, then catch the highlights of the early part of the game and watch the most exciting part of the game live.
  3. In a close game, the 4th quarter is all that matters

This is the first season I started taking this approach to watching football and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.  I spend more time with my two boys on the weekend, so they are happier.  I spend more time with my wife, so of course we are a happier couple, and in the process I think I’ve discovered a valuable lesson about life.

In life, there are hundreds of options for spending your time.  Each of these options fall in 1 of 3 categories:

Category 1 –  The things you enjoy that don’t produce a lick of value in your life other than a few hours of pleasure

Category 2 –  Things that you don’t enjoy that produce a tremendous amount of value in your life and those of others

Category 3 –   The sweet spot that combines the two, enjoyment and value.

I’ve learned that watching Football is in category 1.  Instead of eliminating category 1 activities, I am finding a way to discover the equivalent of that activities 4th quarter.  Instead of avoiding category 2 activities, I try to schedule these activities right before I start a category 1 activity. That way, I am giving myself a carrot.

As for category 3, it’s all about recognition. Recognizing that an activity is in this category and maximizing how often I spend my time with these activities.  I’ve found that writing, running, family outings, and taking my two sons to wrestling practice fall into category 3.

Up until recently I spent way too much time in category 1 and too little time in category 3.  Now that I am aware of this, I’ve flipped the script.