Measuring The Value of Your Side Hustle

File:Don't Go Broke. After the War Buy More War Bonds - NARA - 534094.jpgGenerating money from a side hustle has little bearing on its intrinsic value.  The last thing you should want is a j.o.b. from 9 to 5 and then spend your 5 to 9 creating yourself another j.o.b. (Just Over Broke).

Instead, you should view a side hustle like a series of projects with specific start and end dates.  Then measure the value of those projects based on two factors:

1. The amount of money you continue to generate from that project once you finish the “work”

2. The scale at which you can grow that amount with each additional hour of “work” invested

Call it passive income, call it working less and getting paid more, call it whatever you want. The point is, if you already have a job in which you trade your time for a fixed amount of money, don’t spend your time on a side hustle doing the same thing.

(BTW…I put the word “work” in quotes because many people don’t consider it “work” when you are getting paid to do something you love. I’m one of those people)