The Day I Quit My Job

File:Arctic stratospheric cloud.jpgIt was a day just like any other day.  When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t know I was going to quit my job.  My morning routine was no different.  I ate the same breakfast, took the same route up 85 North to Druid Hills Road as always.  Listened to my favorite jazz station just like I always do (which happens to be the best jazz station in the country 91.9 WCLK).

However, something happened to me that morning that I can’t explain. Something clicked. It was an emotion brewing inside of me for many years that awakened. It’s an emotion that is hard for me to describe, but the closest word that comes to mind is peace.

That morning, for some reason, I finally made peace with who I was as a provider for my family.  As a father, as a husband, and as a son.

You see, what was holding me back from full-time entrepreneurship for years and years was the fear that I couldn’t take care of my family while bootstrapping a business. The fear that I would fail and disappoint my mother and father.

This fear left me waiting for some magic moment when I would either make enough money doing side-hustles or raise enough money from investors to quit my job.  That morning I came to peace with the fact that this day would never come.

It took me 10 years. 10 years of waiting. 10 years of living in fear. 10 years of searching for approval from high net worth kingmakers.

That morning, in one profound moment, I took control of my life. I started living life to the fullest.  I became the master of my universe.

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