Using a Daily Blog to Change Your Life

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Attribution: PAUL FARMER – Berlin Wall Graffiti ‘Change your life’ by Indiano This section of the wall outside the Imperial War museum was acquired in 1991, it was originally sited by the Brandenburg Gate.

This morning I came across a profound statement about consistency:

People value consistency in their leaders. Consistency removes uncertainty and leads to trust. Trust, in turn, leads to influence.

The above statement comes from Bob Burg in a post he wrote on his blog titled The Awesome Value of Consistency.

Reading this article got me to thinking, anyone could use a daily blog to change their life.

What Burg states makes so much sense in the context of blogging.  Show up everyday with an insightful and inspiring blog post, earn trust, receive influence.

This is powerful, because influence is a currency that never loses its value.

Even if earning trust and influence is not the goal of your blog, trust and influence serve as a foundation to help you achieve hundreds of other goals.

At this point, as you consider this concept, chances are you’re thinking one or more of these 3 questions:

How long will it take to earn trust and influence?

Will it take too long?

Is the time it takes worth it?

Obviously, I can’t answer these questions for you.  However, I will say that these are the wrong questions to start with.  When you are trying to change your life, you can’t start with trying to earn trust and influence.  You can’t start with worrying about how long will take and if it’s worth it.

Instead, start with the reasons why you need to change your life. If your “why” is compelling enough, then the answers to the questions above are irrelevant. Your “why” becomes the only thing that matters and everything else naturally falls into place.

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    1. Hi Bob, thank you so much for stopping by. I find tons of inspiration from your writings and speaking. I recently discovered your site after hearing one of your interviews on a podcast and have been a fan ever since.

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