Finding out when you’re most productive

Millions of people around the world are underachieving because they don’t know when they’re most productive.  Are you one of these people? Chances are, you don’t know because you’ve never done a test to find out.

A few days ago I suggested a few ideas to boost personal productivity.  One of those ideas was to find out what time of day you concentrate best, and schedule your day to optimize that time.

My thinking here is that if you are a morning person, but don’t start working on the tasks that require the most concentration until the afternoon, then you will underachieve.  However, if you don’t even know you’re a morning person then you’ve got much bigger problems.

Most people go through life ignoring the fact that their body naturally has a productivity high. It may be based on sunlight or darkness, it may be based on the hours of sleep you get, or the time that’s passed since you woke up. It could even be after an afternoon nap or after sex.

They key is that you will never know unless you test out different variations to discover your productivity high.  This may sound like a difficult tasks, but your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. On top of that, if you have extraordinary goals for your life, your success depends on you knowing this information about yourself.

There is an ancient Kemetic/Egyptian proverb scribbled thousands of years ago by a wise man above the entrance of a temple that states Man Know Thyself.  

I would argue that finding out when you’re most productive is a key aspect of heeding these wise words.