The Breeding of the “Selfie” Generation

A few weeks ago I heard the term selfie for the first time. It’s not a new term, but it’s new to me.  I didn’t even have to think twice to figure out what it was because I have no less than 3 people in my Facebook stream who are notorious for selfies.

What is a Selfie

If you aren’t quite in the know, a selfie is a picture that someone takes of themselves to post on a social network.  Apparently, on Instagram there are over 50 million pictures tagged with the hashtag #selfie. I bet if you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen one of the infamous bathroom mirror or reverse phone pictures as well.

I never gave these types of pictures much deep thought until I heard the term selfie a few weeks ago.  I think giving a term to these types of pictures changes everything.  It doesn’t quite dignify the act, but it does allow people to put social context around it.

Personally, I always experience a moment of sympathy when I see someone post a selfie.

I sympathize with them since they don’t have anyone in their life to take the picture for them. I also cringe a bit when I see them post a selfie and get no likes, no comments, no shares. It makes me think that even though we are more socially connected than ever, there are still millions of people who are more lonely now than any generation before them.

However, I question if I am looking at this the wrong way.  Is our culture breeding a new generation of social connected lonely people? Or is selfie more like selfish. Is our culture breeding a generation of millions of socially connected people who are so self centered that they don’t see any beauty around them worthy of the camera except their own selfie pictures?