Building the Blogging Muscle

This is my first post in a new daily blogging habit I’m starting today. I see this as starting a new workout routine to build my blogging muscles…

I’ve been inspired by Seth Godin after listening to his podcast interview with Dave Ramsey yesterday.   The interview was from back in September, but the wisdom shared by both Dave and Seth was timeless.

I tried a daily blog 6 months ago on a wordpress blog I popped up on an impulse much like today.  I fell off after about 3 months. I think my failure was because I picked too specific of a topic and was trying to write something groundbreaking in every post.

This time, I’m in it for the long haul.  So I can’t promise that I will always have something thought provoking or inspirational to write about.  But I do promise I will show up every day with the goal to have a positive impact on whoever reads my words.

Thank you to Seth and Dave for inspiring me to continue the journey.

4 Replies to “Building the Blogging Muscle”

    1. Hi Abba’s Daughter,

      Thanks for the encouragement. Life is more fruitful when you write on a regular basis. I’m sure you will get off to a great start tomorrow.

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