The New Inbox: It’s still about the power of permission

We are all familiar with the magic hands of social and mobile captivating the business media with its new shiny objects. This, and this alone, is why the marketing industry needs a reminder that email is not only alive, but that it’s still the centerpiece of any results driven marketing campaign for the vast majority of successful companies.

Simms Jenkins in his book The New Inbox makes this case masterfully.Chock full of data and anecdotal evidence of modern day email success stories, The New Inbox has the right ammunition for you to fire up a revitalized marketing effort. A marketing effort with email marketing as your “digital marketing hub.”

The core point made by Jenkins is that permission trumps all other sources of success in marketing. Thus, when a brand is able to leverage a trusted email “From Line” it becomes a superpower when competing side-by-side with tweets and Facebook posts.

This power of permission can’t be emphasized enough. That is why chapter 4 on “Growing Your Email List” and chapter 5 “The New Best Practices” are by far my two favorite chapters of the book.

I recommend The New Inbox to both email marketing professionals and small business practitioners. For the former, it will serve as a reminder of why your craft is still important in a world where email gets overlooked by new shiny objects. For the latter, this book will help you arrange the multiple hats of marketing you wear in a nice neat stack.

The bottom line is that email marketing is by far the best way to convert prospects, leads, fans, and followers into customers. If you need the evidence to prove this, look no further than this book.