A mystery with a “gangsta” rapper?

Deuce’s Wild is the second edition to Clyde Ford’s Shango Mysteries Series. In this book we find our leading man John Shannon caught between a fatal feud of cultures, as he works to uncover the killer of recently slain hip-hop star Deuce F (aka Yousef al-Salaam).

Deuce F is a former “gangsta” rapper that recently converted to a controversial sect of Islam and as a result began its teachings through his music. While the NYPD seems to think that the rappers death is a result of a gang feud spurred by violent hip-hop culture, Shannon at the urging of his son, investigates further and it seems that the closer he gets to the truth the closer he comes to losing his own life.

This book is truly a great summer read as it flirts on the edge of reality and fiction with a plot that could be straight out today’s terrorist driven headlines. It is fast paced and will have readers gasping for breath until the very climactic ending that could not have been predicted by even the savviest of mystery readers.

In effort not to reveal the ending or more of the clues to this mystery I will leave it up to the readers to pick up a copy of this great book if they want to know how it all turns out.

I will say that Ford is a riveting writer who immediately captivates his readers and holds their attention with action packed chapters that lead them through the underworld of hip-hop culture and controversial Islamic sects within the U.S.

The author cleverly uses cultural and occupational dialect to paint out the scenes and plots of this novel. This is a testament to the Ford’s knowledge of the subjects he writes about and it is also what makes the novel such a wonderful read.

About the Author
A native New Yorker, Clyde Ford is a noted mythologist, trained psychologist, professor and author. He has authored five books, including The Long Mile, the first of the Shango Mysteries, and Hero with an African Face, a work on African mythology. Ford has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, NPR and many other television and radio programs nationwide.