Build wealth by creating value to enhance peoples lives

The Baron Son is an inspirational book written about helping others, building wealth, and being righteous. Similar in length, style and context as the wildly popular book “The Richest Man In Babylon” originally published in the 1920s, this book raises the bar several notches by expounding on the concept of wealth building by creating value to enhance peoples lives.

William Patterson, Vicky Davis, and Marques Patton are to truly be commended for compiling an instant classic that transcends all cultures and races.

The Baron Son is the story of an extremely wise man who is also a great teacher. When 3 seekers of knowledge ask him to teach them his wisdom on how to build wealth, the reader is thrust into a remarkable tale of how a young boy grows up to become one of the wisest and richest men in the world.

While this book never ceased to amaze with its keen insights through the first nine chapters, the wisdom bestowed in the tenth chapter and the surprise ending in the eleventh and final chapter sealed the deal for me to consider this book among the best ever written on this subject.

With an amazingly colorful and vivid writing style, the authors are able to show the reader how perseverance, discipline, and righteousness, are all keys to building a lifetime of wealth.

I highly recommend you read this book and incorporate its lessons into daily life. In addition, I also recommend that parents use this as a resource to read bedtime stories to children, as lessons from this book could prove critical to building the foundation of a child’s subconscious thought process.