Guide to Understanding Personal Finance

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Personal Finance provides clear and simple explanations of financial concepts.

This book covers six key areas that are apart of the average U.S. adult’s financial portfolio: banking, credit, investing, taxes, home financing and financial planning. This book is a good reference point for understanding basic financial terms and concepts.

Although, not an in depth exploration into the United States financial system, authors Kenneth M. Morris and Virginia B. Morris offer just enough detail to get individual started on a bright financial future. This book best serves recent high school and college graduates as it provides a great foundation for financial responsibility.

The section on financial planning and investing I think are most beneficial because the authors are able to breakdown seemingly complex subjects. These two chapters cover net worth, retirement planning, wills, estate planning, trusts, investment bonds, and more; offering a high-level introduction into each.

Overall, this book is an easy read that would make a good gift to individuals who either know little about wealth building or people just getting financially established.