Xodus: An African American Male Journey

The subtitle of Xodus, “An African American Male Journey”, fits Baker-Fletcher’s work perfectly because reading this book will cause you to embark on a comprehensive journey through the mythical, cultural, political and religious reality of Black men in America.

Baker-Fletcher’s extremely detailed writing style in combination with his thorough examination of the Black male experience makes for a truly remarkable but sometimes challenging reading experience.

Xodus is more than just a title for this book, but is graphically depicted as a space, or a place in American society African American men, women and children must work towards.

He makes the case for the need of this Xodus Space by hitting on topics such as Taking Sisters Seriously, The effect of Sambo, John Henry, and Nat Turner on society’s perception of the African American Male, The visions of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.,and The common ground of Howard Thurman.

Personally, I found the author’s study of Hip Hop’s Angry Children, and The Black Church’s affect on the Black community to be my favorite topics.

Ultimately, any woman who has a man she cares for in her life needs to get this book for that man and both should not only read Xodus but engage in a pensive dialogue on how to create a new and improved black male lifestyle in America.